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Advertising on MWI - How and why it works

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If you didn’t arrive on this page via the ‘What is My Week in… and what it does for advertisers’ or 'for readers', have a quick read through. Here’s our:


(What We Think Will Be The... Frequently Asked Questions... You Want To Ask)

Why will people use the online edition of My Week in…?

Short answer: they’ve asked us for it.

Longer answer: with our print editions (for visitors) we created a new and useful way of telling people about local events. Residents and second-home owners who've seen the print editions, which is rare as they are hand-delivered to holiday cottages, asked us for copies. For many reasons the best way to deliver the event news to residents and second-homers is online.

Simpler answer: tries to present the most comprehensive and well sorted event info for North Norfolk, (with a touch of attitude too).

But you only cover two weeks ahead?

Quite right. But excuse us for asking back: how far ahead do weather forecasts go? What is one of the – in not THE – biggest factors affecting people's decisions about where to go and what to do? 

My advert will be in lots of others, on a separate page to the content. Why will people look at it?

Short answer: because they are looking for it.

Longer answer: on the ‘What My Week in… does for readers’ page we explain why they should read the ads. The best bits:

  • We make sure the ads are relevant to the readers (without asking them to use a search engine).
  • We categorize the ads simply.
  • The ads are easy to compare.
  • We incentivize readers to read the ads with a blatant, old-fashioned bribe.

Will I get business from my ads?

That depends on more than just the ad. But here’s how My Week in… does everything humanly possible (note the human bit) to turn a viewing of your ad into a business order or a sale for you:

  • We direct the right people to your message at the right time, and we help you get the message right. (The three keys to effective marketing).
  • We check the ad before it gets uploaded and will help you with it, if you'd like us to, for free.

How do I measure how many people view my ad?

If readers see your ad, has done its job. If they come to you to buy something, your ad has done its job.

We do not offer click-through data (your website will do that for you) or other technical measurement. Such data is easy to rig.

We collect analysis of our own page views and share that with advertisers.

Why don’t you run reader reviews of events, venues and businesses that advertise, like similar advert directories?

We disagree with reader/customer-supplied public comments and reviews unless they have been verified to the nth degree, which is nigh impossible. There are so many factors that can be involved. (And we don't think there is anything similar to myweekin's advert directories. We've looked very hard.)

Why do you not have a search engine so people can go straight to my ad, and similar ones, if they are looking for a service I provide?

We researched this by going through countless adverts on countless websites. We were either pushed towards sponsored content and ‘preferred placement’ adverts, which meant we could not make comparisons with other adverts, or we were pushed to an advert for a business a hundred miles from us, even with the ‘location’ of our device switched on.

Search engines tend to lead you astray, in our humble opinion.

By you entering your advert in the correct category, and loading it on the pages viewed by the people you want, in the places you want, and the readers choosing to view that page, we – as in you and us and the reader – have done the searching.

Where do I go next?


For print advertising enquiries, email and we'll send you a PDF or hard copy of our information and rate sheet, and some sample issues.