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How to make your advert

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This help page is for Commercial adverts (from only £2.00 per month).

Classifieds are simple (and even cheaper, from £1.00 per month).

If you want to upload a Classified 'for sale' advert with an image, which means using to a commercial advert in the ‘Classified for Sale Ads with Images’ category, this will be useful.

To create a Commercial Advert on you will need:

  • A computer (lap or desk top is easiest, tablet is fine, smartphone tricky but still possible)
  • Very basic knowledge of, and access to, text and image editing software (which is why smartphones are tricky)
  • Some imagination and creativity

Someone in your team or family who uses social media might be helpful.

It's really easy. Just follow the steps.

Or you can find a local designer. They advertise in the ‘Business Services’ category. Their rates are cheap, and they can do it without even meeting you.

The Technical Bit

You will need an image. It must be in .jpg (also known as .jpeg) format. It can be your logo. It can be a photo you took on your smartphone. It can be anything as long as it is pleasing to the eye and relevant to your business. It can be a selfie.

  • Hint: To convert an image to .jpg either ‘export’ it or use the ‘save as’ option to change it.

You might want to place text on your image. This is easy if you have photoshop. If you don’t and are not sure how to achieve this, search online for ‘How to place text on an image’, and narrow it down by specifying the hardware and the software you use. E.g. ‘with Word on a PC’. You should find a guide very quickly. For MS Office users: it can be done with Powerpoint more easily than with Word. Mac users: Preview can do basic text on an image. Look for the pencil icon.

  • Hint: Taking a Screen Shot or Screen Capture is easy and gives more than enough resolution for adverts on For example: you want to use part or all of your Vista Print name card.

Screen Shots are also useful if the Myweekin crop tool is not allowing you to upload the portion of an image that you need. Copy and paste the whole image onto a plain background (into a Word doc for example) and reduce it in size to allow for a border down each side. Take a Screen Shot that includes the borders, upload again and retry the crop tool. You will have all the image you need, with a smart border that helps it stand out.

If you do not have an image, or do not want to use one, either switch to a classified advert (half the price), or leave blank and Myweekin will fill the empty space with a block of colour.

The Words Bit

An advert should include:

  • Your company name
  • What you do and relevant info
  • A ‘Call to Action’
  • Your contact details

The trickiest are the ‘What you do’ and ‘Call to action’. The rest should be simple, but do please think about it. Do you want to be emailed, or have people visit your website? Maybe text to your phone? Note: when you enter your advert details in Step 2. Your website OR email address is embedded in the advert for you. You do not need to spell them out in the ad itself. (If you do not have a website or email address or do not want to enter them, you must enter some characters of text in that space, until the 'book and pay' button appears in the panel beside it. This will mean that when readers click on your advert, they go nowhere.)

'What you do’

This might well be in your company name. If it is, that might say it all, or you might want to expand and add detail. If it isn’t in your company name this needs to be spelled out as briefly and punch'ly as possible.

‘Call to Action’

‘Call now for a free quote’ is simple and works, especially when the reader is looking for your service, which they should be because is set up to bring them to your ad.

Or it can be a special offer with a time limit (useful to measure response). Take advantage of the timeliness and location-targeting possible with For example: ‘This month for residents/visitors/second homer-owners in XYZ we’re doing ZXY deal.’


You can ignore all that stuff above and stick in your logo as the image, and write:


You'll get people's attention, and visits to your site.


The last step, which we can help you with is: show it to someone. We have masses of experience with adverts big and small. When your advert is submitted we'll take a look at it and offer suggestions, if we think you could use them, and can check your spelling and grammar, just in case.


Here are some examples of text for adverts, aimed at a second home-owner, somewhere.





If you get stuck by an insurmountable problem, email us as 

For print advertising enquiries, email and we'll send you a PDF or hard copy of our information and rate sheet, and some sample issues.