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The My Week in…. series was launched in 2014 and was delivered in localized editions, by hand, to occupied holiday cottages. In 2018 the paper was relaunched in its current format and while still delivered to holiday cottages by hand, its 3,000 copies a week are more broadly available, by 'targeted bulk distribution', from Thornham in the west to Cromer in the east, and inland to the A148, plus a big stack in the Swaffham Waitrose. It is read by holidaymakers, visitors, second homers and residents. It is published 15 times a year, during holidays.

The online edition (we don't call it a website) is designed to help readers of the paper put the info onto their smart phones etc for easy reference, and also to help people who can't find a print copy see what's on in North Norfolk for the upcoming two weeks.

The adverts

‘Why look at the adverts?’ Especially since we’ve put them on separate pages.

Here are some valid reasons

1. Adverts on are moderated. They are appropriate, well-presented, and in the right place for the right readers.

2. The adverts are presented so you can scan them and compare BEFORE you click on them or call.

3. There are no ‘sponsored’ adverts or sections. Advertisers cannot pay extra to be placed higher – or anywhere else – on the screen. Nor can they interfere with your viewing of the event info. In fact they can't get anywhere near it.

4. Without you having to search, or fill boxes with postcodes, or read ‘reviews’ of uncertain provenance, the advertisers present you with:

adverts that are useful


5. We also used to hide prizes in them. We're trying to get that going again.

p.s. You can advertise too. It’s cheap. You can flog stuff second hand, ask for a holiday job, advertise for a cleaner, dog walker or baby sitter. Go here and see for yourself